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Individual and Family Producer Line


Medicare Producer Line


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Rick Henshaw

Director, Sales and Account Management 206-630-4100 henshaw.r@ghc.org

Katerina Plushko

Medicare Account Manager 206-630-4112 plushko.k@ghc.org

Angie Van Brocklin

Individual and Family Account Manager 206-630-4117 vanbrocklin.a@ghc.org

Deborah Williams

Manager, Field Sales 206-630-4118 williams.dj@ghc.org

Mark Croonquist

Sales Executive 1-800-581-8252 croonquist.m@ghc.org

Mike Hollingsworth

Sales Executive 1-800-581-8252 hollingsworth.m@ghc.org

Victoria Lindholm

Sales Executive 1-800-581-8252 lindholm.v@ghc.org

Marcia Mitchell

Sales Executive 1-800-581-8252 mitchell.ma@ghc.org

Ryan Richardson

Sales Executive 206-630-4113 richardson.rx@ghc.org

Kevin Jungfleisch

Manager, Sales and Service 206-630-4105 jungfleisch.k@ghc.org

Derek Scanlon

Sales and Service Consultant 206-630-4114 scanlon.d@ghc.org