Kaiser Permanente

Fully Insured Large Groups

At Kaiser Permanente, care and coverage work together with a single goal of better health. Our performance-based health plans combined with comprehensive population health management form the foundation for a multi-pronged strategy for achieving healthier behaviors, better health outcomes, higher productivity, and lower overall costs.

  • Performance-Based Health Plans

    Our HMO and PPO customizable plans incorporate value-based benefit design plus access to high-performing providers to drive better health outcomes and lower costs. Employees are engaged and incented to pursue healthy behaviors and make smarter health care choices.

  • High-Performing Providers

    Many physician practices are aspiring to meet the criteria for a high-performing health system set by the American Medical Group Association. Kaiser Permanente medical offices already does. That's why our plans are designed to steer employees to use our medical offices, and other high-performing providers.

  • Comprehensive Population Health Management (PHM)

    Instead of managing multiple vendors, your clients can get what they need from Kaiser Permanente—including care management services for chronic and complex health conditions, a cutting-edge wellness program, and advanced self-service capability for employees online. Even better, at Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers these services are integrated with employees' medical care and records for a seamless experience.

    See Population Health Management.

  • Reporting and Consultation

    While the extent of services varies based on group size, all groups benefit from wellness program support, expert advice on health care reform and benefit design, updates on new products, and population-based reports that include data about care, not just claims. Our objective: Your clients have the information to design an effective action plan that promotes better health and lower costs.