Kaiser Permanente

Care Management

Care managementOur care management programs are designed to take care of the whole person, not just a specific ailment or condition. Whether it's a symptom in the middle of the night or a chronic condition that requires ongoing monitoring, we have professionals on call to help.

Consulting Nurse Service
Whether your client's Kaiser Permanente members have an illness, injury, or just want medical advice, the Consulting Nurse helpline is there 24/7. A physician is on-site, too.

Complex Case Management
Kaiser Permanente registered nurses provide phone-based, short-term, focused interventions for employees or covered family members who have chronic or acute conditions. Doctors can recommend this service or members can call case management directly.

Transition Management
Our cross-functional care team ensures that patients are transitioned from one care setting to another efficiently and with compassion. This approach puts patient safety and quality of care first, and helps avoid unnecessary readmissions or Emergency Room visits.

Utilization Review
Using scientific medical evidence, our utilization review team checks to see that employees are receiving appropriate care in the most appropriate setting. This helps manage utilization of services and reduce unnecessary costs. The team follows standards set by national quality committees and state and federal laws—and they review the process and decisions annually.