Kaiser Permanente

Small Business: 1 to 50 Employees

Get the Right Mix of Care, Cost, and Convenience

Busy entrepreneurs want health plans that are simple and easy to use — for the entrepreneurs and their workforce. Kaiser Permanente offers plan flexibility, help managing health care dollars, plus tools and resources that empower employees to be healthier and more productive.

All our plans feature access to Kaiser Permanente's high-performing care system.1 No matter which plan type a business owner chooses, Kaiser Permanente plans give employees the options they need to find the right solution. And the business gets the support they need to manage costs and improve employee health.

Employee health coverage is only 4 steps away

1. Learn about our plans

We have 16 health plan options for small groups of every size, from 1 employee to 50.2 Our 2018 Core HMO plans are designed to offer the highest quality plans at the best value. Or choose our Access PPO plan, which offers broader provider choice but at a higher cost.

2. Determine whether your clients will offer 1 or 2 plans

To offer two plans:

  • Group must have at least 10 employees.
  • Any combination of Core network and Access PPO plans is available.
  • Groups with 10-24 employees must have at least 3 employees enrolled in each plan.
  • Groups with 25-50 employees must have at least 5 employees enrolled in each plan.
  • Federal regulations require that groups have at least one common law employee in order to offer group medical coverage. This means there must be at least one employee on the payroll who is not the owner or spouse of the owner.

3. Choose the right coverage level

All our plans include the same benefits. The main differences are seen in the monthly premiums and the member's cost shares.


Monthly premium


Cost to members when they get care3

(Copays, deductible, coinsurance)

4. Consider dental coverage

We work with Delta Dental of Washington to offer your clients dental coverage when paired with one of our 2018 medical plans. There are two optional plans to select from—Basic and Standard—that include coverage for your employees and their families.

Both plans fulfill the federal mandate to provide pediatric coverage for members up to age 19. If an employee does not choose one of them, the employee's medical plan will be automatically paired with a pediatric-only dental plan offered by Delta Dental.
Adult/Family Dental Summary of Benefits (PDF)
Pediatric-Only Dental Summary of Benefits (PDF)

1Criteria established by American Medical Group Association.

2Federal regulations require that in order to offer a small group medical coverage, the group must have at least one common law employee on payroll. Sole proprietors and their spouses with no employees, and self-employed individuals and their spouses are not eligible to purchase or renew small group coverage.

3Copays, deductible, coinsurance.