Kaiser Permanente

Unique Care Delivery Model

Our system of care at Kaiser Permanente medical offices — unique in our service area — is a collaborative, integrated approach that leads to more choice, greater convenience, and better outcomes for your client's employees; higher quality care and better long term value for everyone. We've revamped the traditional method of care to make it more efficient, more cost-effective, and more satisfying for the patient.

  • Coordinated Care

    Everything and everyone is part of one system statewide. We maintain strong alliances with our provider partners so everyone's practicing under the same high quality standards. Physicians, nurses, specialists, and pharmacy collaborate and consult on patient care and share clinical information online, in addition to accessing electronic medical records. There's an easy exchange of patient information so the care team can make well-informed decisions and not duplicate efforts.

  • Evidence Based Medicine

    We base care on scientific evidence, not trends or fads. It's treatment grounded on the best available proven research so our members get the best possible care. This includes work being done by the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute using leading-edge research to determine which tests, treatments, and preventive actions work best — especially in areas such as cancer, heart disease, depression, and musculoskeletal problems.

  • Focus on Prevention

    As committed as we are to treating illness, we put a priority on preventing it. We anticipate future health care needs of our members by considering job, hobbies, lifestyle, and family history. From our online health questionnaire, Lifestyle Coaching, to a variety of health and wellness resources, our focus is on keeping our members healthy.

  • Shared Decision Making

    Doctors and patients work together to decide on the best course when there are pros and cons to various options. Shared decision making tools include videos and interactive materials to help patients make an informed choice about elective surgery or whether to have a medical test or treatment. Patients feel empowered and often take the less invasive approach, which can have a direct effect on lowering health care costs.

  • Pharmacy

    We have our own automated pharmacy service with pharmacies in all of our 25 clinics. Our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee reviews medications before they are added to our formulary. It enables us to offer the safest, most effective, and least costly medications possible. We also contract with a network of retail pharmacies and the OptumRx pharmacy network.

  • Patient Safety

    In addition to our physician-led committee that continuously evaluates new scientific evidence to determine what drugs and technologies are the most effective and safe for our patients, we also have a convenient and anonymous safety reporting system for staff. This online reporting system encourages staff to identify near misses or safety concerns without fear of retribution. These reports trigger a review. Our Patient Safety Superstar Award program recognizes staff members who use the reporting system to improve safety.

  • Award-Winning Doctors

    Kaiser Permanente providers have once again received recognition in the 'top doc' ratings by regional magazines.

  • Our Health Care Relationships

    We're committed to extending our delivery system model to give your clients even more provider choice. We've initiated collaborative agreements and relationships with other health care organizations statewide. They include Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, The Everett Clinic in Snohomish County, Franciscan Health System in the South Sound, and Columbia Medical Associates and Providence Health Care in Spokane.