Kaiser Permanente

The Value Of Kaiser Permanente

Value of Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente's unique model combines health coverage and medical care from one carrier. There's nothing else like it in our market. It enables us to better meet the needs of your clients by providing flexible plan designs, positive health outcomes, and services to lower the long-term total cost of care.

Who We Are

We're proudly committed to the residents of Washington. Kaiser Permanente is the only health care system in our service area that offers both health coverage and medical care. We can help your clients contain their total cost of care through our customized health plans, unique care delivery system, and exceptional client services.

Doctors with Washington Permanente Medical Group are paid a salary, not paid by the number of patients they see or procedures they do in a day. The incentive for both doctor and patient is to prevent serious illness. Our members also benefit from important research being done by our nationally renowned Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute.

Our model has received national and international attention for promoting innovative, effective care practices. It's not only made us better positioned to handle the challenges of health care reform, it's also made us better equipped to provide you with the latest on pressing reform issues and what Kaiser Permanente is doing to lead the way nationally.