Kaiser Permanente

Support for Greater Success

Sometimes giving you a little more can make a big difference in your business. Take a look at these extra Kaiser Permanente services to help ensure you achieve the success you want.

  • Reports to Keep You Informed

    Our dynamic reporting tools help your clients make more informed health plan decisions. We provide true transparency so your clients can better understand their costs and coverage. Our monthly reporting packages include expense and utilization, and high dollar claimants. Because of our integrated care and coverage approach, we can offer employers a more holistic picture of an employee's use of their overall medical care and services.

    For our largest clients who have been with us for three years or more, we offer a Plan Performance Profile. This valuable utilization report card gives employers a detailed picture of their employees' health activity in the aggregate. Employers receive pertinent data that informs changes which can maximize the benefit of a company's health care program, reduce expenses, and boost employee health engagement.

  • Commissions and Incentive Programs

    We value our producer relationships and your commitment in making Kaiser Permanente a plan of choice for your clients. In recognition of your efforts, we offer competitive commissions and special incentive programs for achieving excellent sales results. We want you to know how much we appreciate the work you do on our behalf.

  • Local Service and Account Management

    Being local gives us an advantage to being more responsive. Whether it's a phone call or an in-person visit, we'll do our very best to help you do your very best to assist your clients. We can provide more relevant support because we live and work in the markets we serve.

  • Ongoing Producer Communications

    We also offer you a number of ways to stay informed, help your clients, and do business with us. This includes timely e-mails to keep you up on the most recent news about Kaiser Permanente, our products, and changes. Look, too, for invites to a number of events — from producer workshops to our annual Producer Symposium — to maintain a personal, one-on-one connection with you.

  • Kaiser Permanente Producer Website

    If you're one of our appointed producers, you can use our secure, password-protected site to conduct business with us online. Services include online quoting, book of business, and enrollment materials. To sign up, e-mail our Producer Relations staff or call 206-448-4384 or 1-800-337-3196, option 2. Read more about the process.